Ruth Sahanaya 25th Anniversary Concert (Singapore)

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Performed in Bahasa Indonesia
Original Productions & Esplanade Singapore, Presents

Ruth Sahanaya 25th Anniversary Concert,
Singapore Esplanade Concert hall, June 10th 2011

Experience the enchanting voice of one of Indonesia’s most popular divas!

For over 20 years, multi award-winning singer Ruth Sahanaya has been carving out a well-deserved place for herself in the music scene of Indonesia. Now celebrating the 25th anniversary of her music career, she continues to charm audiences as one of Indonesia’s foremost pop divas.

Known affectionately to her friends and fans as “Uthe”, her hit song, the poignant love ballad Kaulah Segalanya, released in 1992, is still a hot favourite today. Her musical repertoire spans across 12 albums, which include the haunting Memori, and upbeat numbers such as Astaga and Ambaradul.

Well-loved both at home and abroad, she is the proud recipient of multiple music awards, including the BASF Award for Best Recording Artiste in 1989 and the Grand Prix Winner award at the International Midnight Sun Song Festival in Finland in 1992. Her journey as a musician has taken her on international tours and she has represented Indonesia at many music festivals, a career which can only be described as illustrious.

Enchanting and engaging in live performances, Ruth Sahanaya sings from her heart to yours.

Don’t miss this opportunity to catch one of Indonesia’s most popular divas and be enchanted by her powerful and soulful voice that speaks across international borders.

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